My Rack is in My Teeth

I have been going to the dentist a lot lately. Bad genes and bad teeth. Totally sucks.  Definitely my vice. No matter what I do, I get a bad report. Many hours in a chair, a lot of Kleenex wiping my tears of pain and sorrow and regular shock of an increasingly high price tag.

Dentistry Total: $2,127.50

2 Crowns – $757.50
1 Root Canal – $1,000
4 Fillings – $320
1 Electric Toothbrush – $50 (supposed to solve my troubles, but I don’t believe it)

What could have been… — now this deserves a few tears.
Total: $2,125.17 (with 2.33 to spare)

From Mammoth Gear, an entire set (10) of Alien Cams:$600

alien cams

From e-OMC, a complete set of Black Diamond Camalots: $697.90

Black Diamond CamalotCamalot Chart

A gorgeous rope, courtesy of Petzl, from EMS: $180

Petzl dry rope

My dream approach shoes, thanks Five Ten: $104.95


A super fly tent, gracias REI: THE KINGDOM 4!!: $299.00

kingdom 4

A set (12) of Petzl Spirit Expresses, on sale at Moosejaw, not because I need to, but because I could have: $191.52

Petzl Express
And, some biners to fill up the rest, because you can never have enough: $51.80
From e-OMC, some locking biners (13.95 each)
Locking BinerLocking Biner

From e-OMC, some pretty BD biners, at 11.95 each


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  1. Jen patterson says: Reply

    🙁 Totally feel your pain! I can’t even bare to think what I could have done with the $2400+ a year I’ve been paying on medical bills from a MVA, that aren’t my responsability to pay…. Not fair at all!

    1. Lolo says: Reply

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