Hot Springs, de Canada

As I have been living outside of Texas… This would have begun around fall of 2006 when I lived in Germany, and then moved to Chicago, and now here in Squamish.

… I have been pushed and prodded and squeezed being challenged by everything in which I believe. I haven’t had trouble ever in my life with peer pressure or the need to fit in like that, so I was fine – but I could tell it took a toll on me. In Texas, or at John Brown University where I went to undergrad, things weren’t perfect, but there was this bubble of safety where everyone at least knew the right answer even if they didn’t believe it. I didn’t have to make hard decisions, mostly because there wasn’t ever a decision to make. I lived in a world without reality. It was all too good. But now my world’s different. Being this far away. For so long.

I’m drained after 8 weeks.

I know one woman up here that when I am around her, I can totally be myself and she understands my thoughts, my faith, my purposes for doing things, but I only see her about once a week. All the rest of the time, I am on guard. Ready to be challenged, which happens regularly. Whether its with drugs or partying, or discussing religions, whatever the topic, its work. And honestly, I love it. I do. I enjoy being challenged, sharing my point of view, rethinking my beliefs to make sure they make sense, or going back and learning more so I can be more informed. These are good things. But, after 8weeks.  I am tired.

So right after I post about how much I have come to love Squamish, I have also realized how much it has drained me. And I am sad to go, but am really joyful about moving on to Denver and spending time with one of my best friends. It will be incredibly recuperative.  It had been a while since I had left my heart on this site, so I guess today was the day I caught up.

ok, finally, some HOT SPRINGS!

Its been raining here in Sqamish one and off for about a week, lame!  So, a crew and I headed to some hot springs yesterday. It is north of Squamish about 2.5 hours and crazy enough the last 55 miles is on a logging dirt and gravel road. I didn’t know those road could be sooooooo long! They take so much attention and focus to go as fast as you can, as safely as you can, dodging pot holes and puddles. I completely felt like I was in a 1980’s arcade game. STRESSSSSSS! I was very ready for the springs once we got there.

We set up camp in rain. Negative! But headed out and enjoyed the cold weather cooling us as we cooked in the springs. It was just a few pools, but totally gorgeous with a raging river very close by that the springs dumped, or more like, trickled into.  We slept and then after making some friends and cooking some sausages, headed back and I spent time taking pictures, as you can see below. Headed back to Squam around 1, Yogaliciousness, hang with roommates and then off to bed.  A really good couple days.

Here’s the gallery below, click on a picture to make it bigger, and then click again for a huge savable pic.

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