Sorry for the M.I.A.ness

I hear ya. I hear ya. Sorry I have been missing with the updates and for the lack of pictures below. I will have some soon!

I have spent the last couple weeks totally enjoying traveling, climbing, and seeing amazing friends across the Western U.S.

Here are the top 10 highlights:

10. I felt bad putting anything here because I don’t want anything to be in last place!

9. Spent some quality time and ate an amazing rib dinner with some family I haven’t seen in a few years in Breckenridge.  It was great to catch up and look forward to some ski hill bonding! Shout out to Kylie and Alana!

8. Bought a Ukulele. I’ve already learned some songs and really enjoy it as an outlet for some ADD.  Check it.

7. Climbing with Alex outside Seattle. It was so nice after spending a couple months in Squamish meeting someone new every day, to be able to climb with someone I totally have a rhythm with. I didn’t have to ask to double check safety – we didn’t question communication while climbing. It was so easy and comfy. I miss your goofiness, Alex.  Hope to see you again soon!

6. Quality down time for me and necessary hang time with a best girlfriend, Leah in Denver. Denver has been great! I have been here about a week, and Leah and her 4 roommates have been so generous to let me stay. I watched some TV, drove around, played with their dog, hung out in Boulder, bouldered, you name it. I did it. It was good.

5. Portland with Allison and Dave Dyer.  What a fantastic and generous couple. They were my first ever married friends and I truly value their insight into my life and genuine love for their God, friends and family.  Allison is going to have a baby boy in a couple weeks – woo!

4. Living through some really long drives!  Another one tomorrow and then Friday.  Hope they are just as successful!  Headed to Kansas City to hang with Scarlett, a friend from JBU tomorrow, can’t wait. Nothing is better than really close friends.

3. Met some amazing people at a Solid Rock Climbers for Christ.  After Squamish, I headed right to an event in the North Cascades in Washington. SO GORGEOUS!  The rock climbing was super fun, too. But above anything else, it was incredible to meet so many quality men that love God and rock climbing. It was encouraging and re-motivating to me. Just what my soul needed.  Fun thing, too – a couple of them are coming to the Red in October, so we get to continue to hang. Holla!

2. I got a lead head. Any of my climbing friends can attest – I have really been struggling with leading. I have known that I have the strength and focus and technique to climb really hard, but my imagination has been getting away from me.  This was abruptly brought to my attention last June in Squamish. Everything came together last weekend at the Boulder Rock Club. Before that, I was top roping mid 5.12’s but embarrassingly leading 5.7, 5.8 and maybe a 5.9 or 2 for the last few months.

I was climbing with Matt and Brooke, some super pals that moved there from West Virginia in May. Matt and I tore it up!  I started on lead so Matt could get belay tested and backed away from an 8+ to lead a 7 instead. Send.  Then I scoped out a cool 5.9 I wanted to try and felt totally confident to lead it. Send. No problem. Then I saw this rad 5.10, so I tied in and sent no problem.  Checked out a 5.10+, send. Dude – I was on a roll!! Feeling so good and confident.  Then I hopped on a 5.11, and with a couple takes, got to the top.  RAD SAUUUUUUUUCE!  I got it back. My imagination not only had no effect but it wasn’t even present. I was just climbing. No crazy thoughts of dismemberment or crazy flipping upside down or scary rope burn. I was SO psyched and wanted to keep climbing, but we had to go. I can’t wait for the RED!  Here I come Oct 5th!

1. God revealing His plan for me and desires for my life yet again!  It is amazing the more dependent I am on Him to direct my path, the more He shows me the one way to go. I wish I had been this dependant my whole life. What satisfaction to know I am EXACTLY where God would have me! And along with that, to know since I am following Him, whatever happens along the way is part of His will as well.  SO…. He closed every mountain job opportunity for me at about 6 mountains. I was told  “No” for the first time when applying for a job, but it was okay. Okay in a way that I didn’t expect. Maybe now that I am more focused on God’s plan instead of my own, I knew if the mountain thing didn’t work out, it wasn’t mean to be. As I said, turned down, no opportunities, except for one. A PERFECT job at Vail. The one resort I wasn’t wanting.  But the door was wide open and I waited.

And tonight – I got an email that I got the job!  So I am going to be spending about 5 months working as a rental tech. I can’t freaking wait! I get discounts galore and people can stay with me, so come on this winter and ski some hills with me!

I really miss the Yoga Studio in Squamish and Really need to get to my own personal practice again.

Oh and shout out to Shannon, who I have been reliving some funny junior high moments with this week.  You make me happy.

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  1. Shannon says: Reply

    O-Mar-Gosh! While I was reading this post, I was secretly wanting to show up in the Top Ten list…and then…I got to the bottom of the post. To my surprise…THERE I WAS! What a wonderful surprise. Thanks Allison!

    So, looks like I’m being put out on another project that might as well be in West Virginia. I look forward to even more long chats as I pass the time of my two-hour drive home everyday. (For goodness sake, I live in the city for a reason folks! I’m not a suburb person who is crazy enough to commute more than 2 hours a day into work! Ironic, eh?)

  2. whatallisonsees says: Reply

    haha, oh, falling upstairs in junior high…. stop that commuting, crazy! call me for sure – MONDAY! I am driving all the way to Kentucky.

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