24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell and Results

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Last weekend concluded the 4th annual climbing competition of 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch outside of Jasper, AR.

It Rocked. (Literally and figuratively)

The whole weekend was packed! Friday started with a 4 course party. 1- Spaghetti dinner, 2- Slack lining competition and booths at the barn, then an awesome blue grass band and dance outside, and lastly back to the barn for a party hosted by Pimpin’ and Crimpin.  Everyone was awesome – out for a great time and with fun at the top of the priority list.

Then after rules and roll call, 10am Saturday, the comp began. Imagine 238 climbers – totally balls out climbing for 24 straight hours across a giant canyon. The comp started with massive excitement and strategies for those who were really going after a W, while some others were just there to climb for fun and push themselves to try something new.  When night approached, every hour on the hour, howls rang out around the canyon that sought to infuse the climbers, volunteers and belayers alike with psych and energy to push through the blackness of the night.

Then, about 6:30am, with 3 and a half hours left, the sun started warming up the air and rock and the light created a surge of a new day. Even though they hadn’t slept, many climbers told me the sun made them feel anew and climb like they had well rested sleep the night before.  Crazy.

These people were amazing. Friendly. Willing to help people out. It was a competition, but one of those where everyone is still rooting for their fellow competitors. It was a great thing to witness and be a part of.

It seemed to be a pattern for the first place team to have the 1st and sometimes 2nd place individual winner. Makes sense since those competitors would have the highest scores.  The results are as follows:


1st in Advanced: Tommy Caldwell and Brittney Griffin

2nd: Jeremy Collins and Kate Rutherford

3rd: Todd Johnson

1st in Intermediate: Cliff Pace

1st in Recreational: Jonathon Fiela


1st in Advanced: 19 fingered beast – Jeremy and Tommy

1st in Intermediate: Leather and Lace. Didn’t get their names – sorry.

Best Costume: The Climbing Elvi

There wasn’t an official costume contest, but still some pretty great ones. Next year, Andy is going to announce an official contest.

Here are some various pictures of the weekend.  At the top is a video that is a creed every had to profess to their partner before the comp began.


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