All growed up, yo.

So, yesterday was a good day. I was a real life rock climber and finally found my lead head in full force and led all of the climbs that I got on. I was rockin’ the Left Flank crag with a Salt Lake homie, Dan, who I put some pictures up from a couple days ago and the force was with me. 2 of the climbs I did were Aquaduct Pocket, 5.11b, and at the Military crag, the uber classic, fuzzy under-cling, also 5.11b. Fuzzy was rough. I think when I got on, I didn’t think it was going to happen, so I bolt to bolted it, even in the huge jug section. I just kept expecting it to be impossible.

But I have attained some wicked endurance now, so I need to a) believe and b) try really hard.  We’ll see how these last couple days  go. I will put up some pictures soon, but will be delayed since my camera was conficscated by Best Buy, I am at the mercy of my friends.

I am headed to Chicago Friday and then back to Dallas Sunday.  Time was short and sweet here – 3 weeks just not long enough!!  Met amazing people and forged some fun friendships.

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  1. Shannon says: Reply

    Curious minds want to know: what exactly happened to your camera?!

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