Amsterdam. Welcome to the world.

I am logged in for a stingy 14 more minutes at an internet cafe while laying over in the Amsterdam airport.  Man, it had been forever since I have found myself wandering Europe, since 2006, I think, and oh! have I have missed it.  It just has a feel. An international feel no where else ever has for me.  It just feels, looks, sounds international.  Countless finely dressed European men, African kings, Indian princesses – I saw them all in a matter of 5 minutes. I love it.

The flight from DFW was nice and empty and full of awesome movies. I watched the Ugly Truth, Julie and Julia (which I didn’t know was a true story) and the beginning of G.I. Joe and croqueted a small bowl thing. Nice flight. Now onto Nairobi, baby!

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  1. Heh Allison…Enjoyed reading your blog. Have a great time in Africa! Take tons of photos. Look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you in Feb :o)
    Love, Marilyne

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