fake it until you make it.

An amazing thing happened a couple weeks ago while I was in the boulders seshing out a project of mine, that I am convinced if I was a foot shorter or had the biceps of an Olympic weight lifter, would be a synch. (Excuses, just send, dangit!) But beta I have now, so maybe tomorrow afternoon ascent?

OK, so back to the point, I was checking a problem out on my way back to the car, and I ran into a guy, who with some eye contact and a smile, he communicated that we knew each other. So I doubled back and this is how the conversation went:

“Hey, I think I know you .. I know your face.”

Me: “Really? Cool, well I’m Allison, what’s your name?”

“Oh! I know from where. Your blog, I read your blog.”

“Really? Sweet. That’s awesome actually. Where are you from?”

And so it went. This dude is from Figi, currently living in Australia, and here in Canada on a holiday. SO FREAKIN’ small the world is that I would run into this guy during the couple days he was in Squam. Totally rad.  Afterwards, I decided picking the blog back up was absolutely necessary.

This summer in Squamish has been a dream.  Many wonderful people, total world class parties, rock climbing has been mind blowing and the weather supreme.  If I can keep at it, I will be updating with pictures and videos of the summer.  Tomorrow I am headed to a climb called 69, right across from Murrin park to belay a friend, Hazel Findlay, on the route whilst she’s getting photographed. It’s a 13c crack, and I heard she had the first female ascent. What a baller!  It would do you well to keep an eye on this lady. She is the proudest female crack climber I know and the friendliest as well. She moves like she’s floating through water.

I am staying in Squamish for the next year or so to help the Rock church open a café call The Ledge in town. It will be super cool, a coffee joint, community center, and live music venue all wrapped into one. It will have late hours and unlimited internet – so we are psyched for what it will be able to offer the community.

Sadly, most of the summer I have spent trying to get back into shape. After taking 6 months off to travel to Africa and ski instruct in Colorado, I was a gumby coming back to the rock.

So I went from overhanging juiciness…

(The climb that will always make you love rock climbing… Fuzzy Undercling (5.11a, fun the whole way, at the Red River Gorge.)fuzzy

I miss laying back steep stuff.


Exposes by go go gadget arms.


Here are some other fun pictures from the summer.

Pot lucks are a common theme in Squampton. We are one huge ridiculous family here. Below are Marieke and Alejandro.

pot luck

This is my and Joseph’s rendition of Step Up 2: The Streets.Take it to the streets

Tight and Bright party at the Grilled Fromage in downtown Squamish. People did not hold back.

Tight and Bright

There has also been some serious jam time with my Ukulele, Portland, and my roomate Lydia. Joseph and I “rocked out” once or twice as well.

jam time with joseph

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  1. Marieke says: Reply

    Love that you’re here and that you’re my great friend and that you’re staying around for a bit longer!!!
    Love ya darling!

  2. Marie says: Reply

    Yes, keep blogin, I love reading about your adventures!

  3. Marie says: Reply

    My gosh Allison, you are an adventurer! I looked at your schedule and it says volunteering this fall. Where are you going?? Keep it up girl, you are awesome!

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