got allison?Hey! I’m Allison and if you cut to the first blog post, you’ll see that I started this blog to keep track of my traveling and awarenesses of life not only to share with my friends and fam but so that I would have a record myself. But since then, God has done amazing things. He has changed not only the path I’m on, but totally switched my train track, train station, entire life!

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I’m from Texas and lived a very normal, unrisky childhood.  I was a classical ballet dancer, babysat with most of my free time and loved my dog.  Then one summer in college, I made an opportunity work out to have a job in Washington DC for a summer and then spend the last month studying in Puebla, Mexico. That summer really opened my eyes to the possibilities of life.  Travel, risk, effort, failure and successes, fear, vulnerability, friendliness… all of these aspects of living fully started leading my decisions. So I continued to push the envelope and went back to DC one summer, worked in Chicago another, moved to Germany for my last semester of grad school, travel Europe by myself, became a rock climber, etcetera, etcetera…

Now, I’m on the road. Getting used to not having a home and meeting new people every moment. Learning to accept every kind of person for who they are and not being afraid if someone is different. It is an amazing life. One God gave to me and asked me to experience. I can’t wait to see what he does with it tomorrow, next year and in 30 years.

Thanks for checking out the site, comment and let me know what you’re up to as well!


bring it.